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  • Stores digital content, such as product shots intellectual properties, creative briefs, packaging art, sell sheets, TV commercials, and other creative assets and documents.
  • Supports almost any file type: graphics, hi res, layouts, audio, video, PowerPoint, and business documents.
  • Each file contains thumbnail views and detailed information about its content.
  • Features configurable Metadata Fields — unlimited fields, pull-down menus, templates by file type, etc.
  • Comprehensive search capability — quick, basic, and advanced searches.
  • Flexible hierarchy — multilevel, scalable for global to departmental requirements, multiple file associations.
We offer several ways to get started, from a $99 single user product on to $3-$5 K for a workgroup solution - everything included, hardware, software and training - up to enterprise level projects. And we just added a Cumulus ASP solution for those who want to get started right away and save money to boot - no hardware, software or bandwidth needed! Just use our servers and be up and running in less than a day!

Cumulus ASP offers you: unlimited files, high security and an easy web-based administration while still letting you use the same Cumulus interface if you want to manage and add your files and images to your online archive.

And we are the only providers of an integrated DAM / online remote proofing solution that integrates Cumulus 6.0 with RealTimeImage's product line.

We're also the makers of Picflow, a solution that can connect with any DAM software, not only Cumulus, to offer a fully automated high speed production environment. In use today at Gruner + Jahr, among others, with over 250 people no longer having to worry about where to find a file, where to save it or about versioning, as Picflow handles all of that for them while keeping a log of everything that is going on - who worked on what when - all while working with all the desktop publishing software you already use.

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